Serendipity has been defined as an event that brings happiness, is unexpected and, is beneficial to all involved. Regardless of what you call it – chance, fate, karma, providence, destiny, fortune, coincidence, or kismet, serendipity is real and happens all the time. All we need to do is stop, look, listen and believe.

Many of my ‘circle of friends’ entered my life via serendipitous events. LaFran, whom I think of as my ‘sister’ from different parents, entered my life through business. She was the client and I was the hopeful vendor. Our first meeting started dubiously when, at quarter to five on a Friday, she looked at my partner, who happened to be my husband, and me and said, “You have five minutes. Don’t waste it.” After arranging ourselves at her desk, Jeff pulled out our arsenal of goodies and started to explain them. When I noticed LaFran’s eyes start to glaze over, I stopped the presentation and asked, “I can see we’re wasting our five minutes. Would you like us to reschedule, just leave and never return or should I take him outside and shoot him?” She smiled, then laughed and asked us to continue. We did for the next hour, got the contract and I was blessed with my lifelong friend. Serendipity.

My other closest friend Adele and I also met through business. Adele is married to Stan, a financial facilitator we were meeting with for the first time. Stan convinced Adele to ‘tag along’. She contributed more to that meeting than any of us. By the time they left, a business relationship was formed and another lifetime friendship forged. Serendipity.

With LaFran and Adele, the bond was immediate. We looked at each, heard our voices and felt the ‘good vibe’. With my friend Frank, it was totally different. You see, Frank and I have never met – we’re sort of modern-day pen pals.

We connected via a newsletter I write for my community. A friend of a friend of a friend forwarded the newsletter to Frank who, in turn, sent me a lovely note. I respond to thank him and we haven’t stopped ‘talking’ since!

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the way they write. Their words, intonation, and flow paint, at least for me, a picture of the person and give me a tiny glimpse into their spirit. From our first correspondence and the many that have followed, Frank’s warmth, intelligence and caring hug each and every email whether he’s talking about his talented wife Cece, their lavender fields, his writings and poetry or just the ‘state of the world’ at that moment. Will we ever meet? Perhaps – perhaps not. We’ll leave that up to fate. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy our ‘talks’, learn from his insight and be thankful that he’s in the fabric of my life. Serendipity.

“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”                                 ―Emery Allen

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