A Reset Button

Cards games, board games, puzzles, you name it, I’ve played them and loved every minute. Hands-down, my favorite card game is Pinochle. The love of the game which was brought to the United States in the 1900’s by German immigrants, started when I was about six or seven when my dad decided it was time, I learned to play Pinochle. As a family we played every Saturday night after dinner. My brother, being the oldest, always chose my mom to be his partner leaving me with my dad. No matter how much I protested I was still stuck with dad. Why was this so upsetting? Because he was a Master Pinochle player and the President of his Men’s Pinochle club. At any given time, he knew what cards each player was holding, how much trump had been played and what was needed to be done to either ‘skunk’ his opponents or take all the tricks resulting in a ‘cabbage’ hand. Sounds good, except he expected his partner to know the same and when I didn’t, the same ending played over and over again every Saturday night – dad hollering, me crying, my brother laughing and my mom swearing never to play again. Such a happy memory!

When we moved into Hershey’s Mill, I was introduced to a group of wonderful ladies who enjoyed both playing Pinochle and each other’s company every Tuesday. Depending upon the number who showed up, we’d play 3-handed, 4-handed or 6-handed Pinochle, hooting, hollering and changing the rules as we saw fit. All stopped when covid hit. We were banned from our meeting place and sequestered in our homes. Being die-hard Pinochle players, we soon discovered Trickster.com and continued playing together online until the restrictions were lifted and, once again, we could play in person.

Trickster was a lifeline. Its features include keeping score, highlighting what was trump and a ‘claim’ button to end the hand. Another feature, used when playing against the computer, is a RESET button. Don’t like your hand? RESET. Don’t like the score? RESET. Not really a ‘kosher’ thing to do, but you’re playing against the computer, so it really doesn’t matter.

As I was practicing one evening, I didn’t get the card I needed for a run so I hit the RESET button. All of a sudden it hit me, what if we could hit a button and RESET our lives? What would I RESET? Would I go back and RESET my youth? My 20’s? My 40’s? My first marriage? I thought about this for quite a while thinking through every decade, experience and major decision I had made. I must admit, there were a few ‘moments’ in my life when I should have gone right instead of left, said yes rather than no, taken more risks and not allowed the potential consequences to steer the decision but all-in-all, no RESETS. Even the bad decisions, and there were a few, have led me to where I am today…blessed, blessed, and blessed again.

So, in retrospect, no RESETS but definitely some adjustments like taking more chances, forgiving and forgetting sooner, listening better, being a little crazier, avoid sweating the small stuff, eating more desserts…you know, the things we can always RESET…even now.

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