The Depth of a Woman

The other day I had lunch with three delightful women. We know each other but really don’t KNOW each other, if you know what I mean. Over a two-hour lunch we started on the journey of discovery – where we’re from, schools attended, careers pursued and, of course, husbands, children and family.

Among us (or is that between us?) we discovered that, together, our years of heavenly married bliss totaled over 150 years…all to the same man, with the exception of me. This is a second marriage for Jeff and me and our 37th is right around the corner.

After husbands, the conversation naturally segued to children. Children included boys, girls and step-children and thank goodness the total number wasn’t as high as the number of years married.

One phenomenon I’ve experienced over the years is that when women start to talk about their children their eyes brighten, their smile expands and, from their body, a warmth emanates that everyone around them can feel. This discussion was no different.

When the conversation turned to one of these very special women, she spoke of her only child with love, enthusiasm, and pride and then, as tears filled her eyes, spoke of the accident that took her life over 20 years ago. You could hear a pin drop. We all took a collective breath and the two on either side of her reached out and touch her as lightly as a butterfly settling on a spring flower.

The compassion, love and tenderness was tangible and immediate. At that moment, we weren’t four women getting to know each other, we were four sisters bonded.

The depth of a woman.

The ability to feel and show compassion is a strength that prevails during the toughest of times. A strength based on a core of unflappable faith. Simply put, a compassionate woman is someone whose concern runs deep, empathy and sympathy are tangible and her caring for others is extended to those she loves and to those she just met.

At the end of our lunch our friend had one simple request – “Don’t pity me.” She explained that she was blessed with this wonderful child for over 2 decades and, most important, it was God’s plan.

The depth of a woman.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

Dedicated to Heidi – the lives she touched and the people who love her.

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